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The Works

Listed below are some projects I've created, worked on, or am currently in the process of completing.



A sci-fi stealth-action game where you play a paranoid tinkerer trying to jury-rig his way out of a locked down megatropolis.

My current project, come watch my devlog series highlighting the game's development.

Project Shard Hunters

This is a solo project I've been hammering away at for half of 2020. Project Shard Hunters is a polished prototype for a 3D top-down shooter that dips it's toes in high-fantasy, time-travel, anti-magic coffee houses, healing cookies, and ogre gorillas. This prospective proof of concept is something I'll someday flesh out into a wild co-op adventure game that loves refusing to be serious.

The playable demo can be found on the page for Potion Park; the studio name I develop under for my larger projects. Check it out and blast some goblins for yourself!


The Fallen

A thrilling third-person action game where you play as a dishonoured knight, fighting against the Fallen Guardians to regain your honour and have your well-deserved warrior's passing.

An excellent game made by 6 Pillars Game Design, another team cultivated from Niagara College's Game Development program. I was brought onboard as a 3D artist to assist with environment assets and particle effects. Be sure to check it out on Steam, or at:

When I Was Alone

A touching narrative-adventure game telling the tale of Amber, an adventurous girl who's journeying to find her missing grandmother. Through the use of her grandmother's journal, Amber must follow the paths her grandmother took many years ago in efforts to find her.

Partnered with Middle Street Games, I was able to be the team's creative director and lead designer, helping illustrate the painterly landscapes and gorgeous scenery our game had showcased, as well assisting in providing 3D assets, writing the story, and leading the team. 


As progress refines my projects, I'll post updates when they're ready for your enjoyment.

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